Sunday, August 14, 2005

First Poblano Pepper Pick

Poblano Pepper
I went to check out the results of my fertilization and everything has grown a few inches not to mention more peppers are to be found.

It wasn't a peck I picked but four undersized experimental peppers to cook up for dinner. First Maggie had to try them on. As pretty as she is, the peppers were destined for our bellies.

Poblano Pepper

First, Mag charred them on our stove's elements. This creates a great smoky flavour and helps seal in the flavours throughout the cooking. This is a process that should always be done with Poblanos no matter how they are being cooked.

Poblano Pepper

Because these peppers were picked as a celebratory Pagan-like first-of-the-year ritual, they were undersized and should of stayed another week on the plant. They were a bit too small to stuff so Maggie made a salsa and put them in it with cheese and other goodies.

Poblano Pepper


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