Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Poblano Update

Long time no post..........funny things have happened on the grow table......it seems one area has bit the biscuit. The sad thing is I can't tell why. With the heater off, it seems there are no factors that make one position more suitable than another for plant happiness. Like Slothsinger's comment mentioned, I suppose it is possible that I burned them with fertilizer (i.e. the fertilizer didn't mix properly in the water container and came out super concentrated on the one patch) but I used such a small dose I don't think this is the case............another possibility is that the plants were damaged earlier by the heater and chose to die later just to tease me. The dead patch is above where the heater was situated under the table. Anyways, I still have a tonne of plants and my soon to be bountiful crop shall raise my family from the peat bog into fame and fortune.....

Note: the healthy plants are really healthy! In fact, their roots are poking through the peat pots and they're reaching for the stars!

Next year I must start weeks later.........at this rate, I'm going to have peppers in my basement not in the wild..........


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