Sunday, May 22, 2005

Planting Done!!!

After a few days of sitting outside during the day climatizing, the plants are planted!

I got half in the ground friday night and the other half in yesterday afternoon. Jerry has set up two sprinkler systems that cover the plot with a non-plant-beating spray. As I planted I gave them all I gave them a weak dose of 20-20-20.

There are 354 in the ground! That's only a 62% survival.....nasty. I now think the seedlings needed more fresh air because all the deaths occured at the back of the table fartherst from ventalation. The positive part of all this is I only had room for 350 anyways. I could've gone to Handley's land but anyways.......

We twined a few rows and then stopped due to lack of string.....this can be done later......

Check out the Corral:



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