Thursday, March 24, 2005

Repotting Done!!!!


Finally finished repotting all the seedlings into the peat pots. Peat pots suck!!!. I wonder what the pros do........anyways, I got 551 under the lights. There's roughly 100 more unsprouted ones in the hot box which I'm going to yank in a couple days....too much heat! I guess I overestimated the amounts of plants the table can hold because it looks like with a little engineering I'll only be able to get another 50 squeezed on.

The light boom is out of whack; the plants against the wall are pretty much in the dark. same with the ones in the middle. I'd really like to pull it down and adjust it. Maybe in the next free break....

Watering is the new issue now. I'm spraying so much water on these plants I'm going to have Popeye forearms. As there isn't a hose faucet in the adjacent laundry room, I'll have to rig up a gravity feed from one of the high shelves next to the table. I guess all I need are fittings that'll attach to my five gallon water container for camping. I'll need a wand to reach the back and unless I can stop the flow from afar I'll just crimp the hose with the free hand. This'll have to be done tomorrow as their initial watering session won't last too much longer......

I gotta return a light bulb. What a pain. Thanks Rona! You're going to give my seedlings seizures.


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