Sunday, March 20, 2005

Poblano Update

It seems that leaving the plastic covers on the flats full-time is the way to go. All dry sickly seedlings seem to be standing straight and tall today although some spots in the flats still seem dry (the table is level)....I think bottom watering is helping alot and I refilled the bottom of the trays today as they were sucked dry overnight.

The boom is still kind of useless as the pulleys aren't working well and it's so heavy. I've been just raising the lights by adjusting the chain and it's a real pain.......I can't wait to get rid of the heater and the bulky poly that's in the way all the time.

Still not a lot of action from the remaining two water-soaked flats. I hope they haven't been fried......

Yesterday Saverio said that Hector (Hector's Casa) says he gets his poblanos from Sysco supplies and that I should get a hold of them for prices. I did and they don't carry them. I wonder why Hector said that.....I do know that one supposed chile relleno I had there wasn't a poblano at all but maybe an anaheim.....

9385 Jim Bailey Road
Winfield Industrial Park
Kelowna, BC   V4 1S4
(250) 766 - 0011  Telephone
(250) 766 - 1153  FAX

I'm trying to design a card and it's coming but it looks a little ugly............

Ok, it looks really ugly



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