Monday, March 14, 2005

Poblano Update

The salt-soaked poblano seeds ended up soaking for about 14 hours. Joe Valoroso suggested this method but warned against over soaking or over salting etc. He said wait until the seeds had become lentil size. This was not the case with mine. I was scared and planted them perhaps prematurely.

My heating table seems to be working but I had to tune it up a bit. It has a corrugated metal top, styrofoam walls and a wood floor to make up the box. The nine flats sit on top and are covered with their plastic lids and a double layer of poly. The heat wasn't dispersing so well throughout the flats so I put a small fan in the hotbox. When the temperatur in the flats drops too low, the mechanical thermostat turns on the heater and the fan. Now, the heat seems to be a bit more even but it's still not uniform. I don't know why.....

A few weeds have sprouted. Thanks Walmart for the sterile soil!!! I dug around a bit thinking peppers were coming already but they were weeds. I did notice that the pepper seeds are sprouting under the soil though!

I put 6 Mandarin seeds in today just for fun.......


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